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Norma Hauri is a modestwear fashion house founded on 2011 and based in Jakarta by Norma Moi to serve and fill the market gap for modern modest women with fashion conscious sense. The house is a combination of her name with her daughter’s name, Hauri, which means “Angel of Heaven”.


Certified from ESMOD Jakarta, Norma Moi is the founder and creative director for a modestwear fashion house of Norma Hauri. Long before she decided to create a label and become a fashion designer, Norma Moi starts her career as a stewardess for private company airlines then was turned as a makeup artist after she got her diploma in Makeup Artistry program from Cosmoprof Academy Singapore in 2004. Her certain point of view about woman and styles are translated through her creations that mostly influenced by the old classic movie actresses such as like Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Onnasis, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few.

The collection is inspired by the iconic fashion and portrait pictures by the legendary Richard Avedon and also the statuesque Dovima. The imagination story of Avedon shooting Dovima in Bali’s nature as the background and graced up by the magnificent Bali heritage becomes the idea of the collection.

Designer NameNorma Moi
Brand Name / Establish: Norma Hauri / 2011
Signature Style:
Norma Hauri is well known for their modern approach in exploring heritage and classic style with touch of royal manners, which made them distinct and striking in the Indonesian modestwear fashion as well as well accepted in Indonesian fashion industry.

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Website & Social Media: Instagram: @normahauri

Quote for JFFF:
Being elegant is being smart and appropriate. Appropriate on how to dress, how to speak, how to act, and how to position yourself in certain situation.

Participation in JFFF (Years): 2018

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